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Writer Germaine Guèvremont holding ducks in her hands.
Writer Germaine Guèvremont returns from a hunting trip.
Two muskrats in a tree in Baie de Lavallière
Muskrats in Baie de Lavallière during the spring flood

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The European common reed was introduced to Quebec around 1916. Enormous stands of this invasive plant rapidly took over vast territories, threatening the survival of native plants and reducing wildlife numbers and biodiversity in these wetland habitats.

Stand of European common reeds in the fall

The Mallard Duck is the species most frequently hunted in Lake Saint-Pierre.

Male Mallard among aquatic plants
Male Mallard

Although the Black Duck was formerly the most abundant duck in the region, it has been replaced by the Mallard.

Flock of Mallards wading in the river.
Flock of male and female Mallards

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