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The Archipelago

Pleasure boating

Small blue and white boat moored at a dock on an island in the Lake Saint-Pierre archipelago.

People come from near and far to sail the Lake Saint-Pierre archipelago.

A man aboard a white and red pleasure craft moored in a channel.

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Boaters sometimes drop anchor to relax in the peaceful back channels.

Blue, white and red pleasure craft moored in a channel.

The owner of this picturesque boat lives on Île d'Embarras, and he knows the archipelago very well.

Two pleasure craft moored alongside a dock on Île d'Embarras.

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Some people feel more at home on a comfortable houseboat.

Woman aboard a houseboat

It is not unusual to see several anchored boats roped together.

Three pleasure craft roped together in a channel.

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This practice helps make boating a fun activity to share with family and friends.

Two pleasure craft roped together in a channel.

Many people visit the St. Lawrence to practise a variety of sports and activities, such as water skiing.

Pleasure craft towing a woman on water skis.

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All kinds of boats sail the archipelago, from silent sailboats to boats with loud motors.

A sailboat and other pleasure craft on the St. Lawrence

Sailboats generally stay on the open river, where the wind is stronger.

A sailboat in the St. Lawrence Seaway, near a green buoy

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This view of a channel just around the corner from the vast expanse of Lake Saint-Pierre expresses the poetry of the landscape: an anchored sailboat, with islands just above the water and majestic poplars, maples and willows silhouetted against the far horizon.

Sailboat anchored in a channel.

Boaters can take the Chenal du Nord to Berthierville marina, where they can explore a charming park by the shoreline and dine at a restaurant with a patio overlooking the water.

Boats docked at Berthierville marina

The Saurel marina is a welcoming home base for boaters. It has two harbours: the Federal Nautical Park in Regard-sur-le-Fleuve park, not far from the Biophare (a museum dedicated to the Lake Saint-Pierre biosphere reserve), and the Sorel Nautical Park, which is to the east near the Auberge de la Rive hotel.

Several Canada geese wading in the bay in front of the Sorel Nautical Park.
A flock of Canada Geese in front of the Sorel Nautical Park

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