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As they stroll around the historic centre of Trois-Rivières, founded in 1634, visitors can admire numerous beautiful homes dating back to the 19th century. The Maison Hertel De La Fresnière, built between 1824 and 1829, is one of the few buildings of its age that escaped the great fire of 1908, which destroyed 800 buildings, including 215 homes and 10 hotels. The Ursuline monastery was also spared. The house was recognized as a historic monument in 1961 and acquired by the City of Trois-Rivières in 1970. Today, it houses an organization dedicated to promoting local artisans.

Old stone houses in the historic district of Trois-Rivières

As you walk around Old Trois-Rivières, the dome of the Ursuline chapel is certain to catch your eye. The chapel, which was built in 1715 and restored in 1897, will introduce you to the fascinating world of the Ursulines, an order of cloistered nuns dedicated to education and tending the sick.

Ursuline chapel in Trois-Rivières

For more information: Musée des Ursulines à Trois-Rivières

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The Trois-Rivières Harbourfront Park boasts a splendid view of the St. Lawrence. The park is decorated with a variety of creative modern sculptures that greatly enhance visitors' experience.

Sculptures in Trois-Rivières Harbourfront Park with a close up of a sculpture with a sharply pointed element
"Kaplan I" by Liliana Berezowsky, 1992 (sculpture with a sharply pointed element)
"Le Baigneur" by Jean-Pierre Gaudreau, 1992 (sculpture with red and white balloon shapes)
"Sonic 15" by Richard Normandin, 1992 (sculpture shaped like organ pipes)
"Puerta" by Alberto Banuelos Fournier, 1992 (sculpture shaped like a stone archway)

A staircase allows visitors to access a higher level of the Harbourfront Park to see the sculptures from a whole new angle.

Sculptures in Trois-Rivières Harbourfront Park with a close up of a sculpture with hands outstretched to the sky
"À la lueur de la ville" by Marie-Josée Roy, 2009 (sculpture with hands outstretched to the sky)
"Traces" by Guerino Ruba, 1992 (somewhat rectangular sculpture located near the house)

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Person seated on a bench facing the St. Lawrence in Trois-Rivières.
View of Laviolette Bridge from Trois-Rivières Harbourfront Park

The monumental staircase linking the Harbourfront Park to Old Trois-Rivières is an impressive sight. It includes a unique undulating ramp that evokes the movement of waves on the river. This daring installation springs from the mind of landscape architect Amélie Germain. Many of the stair risers bear the dates of key events in the history of Trois-Rivières. In addition to being a tourist attraction in its own right, this landmark highlights the city's historic district.

Monumental staircase linking the Harbourfront Park to Old Trois-Rivières.

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