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Baie de Lavallière

Since 1989, the Société d'aménagement de la baie Lavallière has worked to preserve and promote the marshes and swamps of Baie de Lavallière. By taking a path through the wetlands, visitors can observe a great variety of flora and fauna, including some rare species.

For more information (in French only): Société d'aménagement de la baie Lavallière

With a surface area of 21 km2, Baie de Lavallière is the largest managed marsh in eastern North America.

Reflections on the water in the marsh of Baie de Lavallière

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This fish ladder was installed to allow late-spawning species, such as Largemouth Bass, to enter Baie de Lavallière from the Yamaska River when water levels are low.

Fish ladder in Baie de Lavallière during spring flooding

The wetlands of Baie de Lavallière are a great place for birdwatching.

Trees reflected in the water of a swamp in Baie de Lavallière.

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