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The Archipelago

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Herons feast on the many fish that live in the marshes that surround the islands of the archipelago.

Great Blue Heron standing in a marsh

These wading birds often hunt by walking slowly through shallow water. They patiently lie in wait, watching for the tiny movements that indicate the presence of fish. Sometimes, herons will perch on a branch or other stable surface, like this water level control structure in the managed marsh on Île du Moine.

Great Blue Heron perched on a water level control structure on Île du Moine

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The majestic silver maples on Grande Île are home to one of the world's largest heron colonies, with nearly 1,300 nests. The Grande Île wildlife reserve has been protected during the nesting season since 1992. Access is forbidden from April 1 to July 31, except for research, inspection, protection or monitoring purposes.

Great Blue Heron taking off from the bay of Île de Grâce.
A narrow channel in the Lake Saint-Pierre archipelago

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